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Painting Class

Nursery Photography

Providing your nursery, and parents with professional images showcasing their children's progression and development throughout the years before they are ready to hit that emotional first day at school!

Why you should pick MCP...

Being a Dad of two daughters, I know first hand how daunting it can be dropping your kids of at nursery and feeling like you are missing out. I plan to help capture some of those moments for the parents with seasonal imagery and capturing their children's development. Including Christmas, Easter, Graduations and many more events that the nurseries would like to celebrate!

With my work, I allow the children to be themselves and capture their individual personalities to show the wonder and amazement of childhood.

I will also be helping nurseries in return by donating 10% of all the profits made per event back in to the nursery to help towards new equipment for the children.

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Natural lighting.

No flash photography will be used during the sessions which will make the children feel more comfortable and protect sensitive eyes.


Promoting real emotions

With a gentle, relaxed and yes, sometimes silly approach with the staff, it will make the children feel really relaxed and help promote those natural smiles.

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Fun for the children

Teaming up with the staff and using high energy, there will be lots of laugher and often children asking for a second go!


Toy's welcome

If children are feeling a little shy in front of the camera, then they are more then welcome to bring in their favourite toy/teddy to help them open up.

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Eco friendly

Instead of getting proofs printed out to be thrown away, I provide the nursery's with a private online album which can be shared to parents for them to view and place their orders. Their photos will then be delivered straight to their house! (All images will be protected by watermarks to insure your children's safety) 


Based in Kettering,


WhatsApp - 07780677822

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