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Thanks so much for stopping by!
You're going to read lots of stories from lots of photographers about how "Shooting weddings has been their calling since they were a baby" and how they were "carrying a camera ever since they could walk".
Truth is, none of that applies to myself.

I didn't pick up a camera properly until....


Mike photographed our wedding day in the most incredible way - he is the most chilled out and friendly guy you could ever meet, immediately relaxing both us and our guests which shines through in the photos. Everyone who’s looked at our wedding photos comments on how beautifully every bit of emotion from the day is captured! We are so grateful that we will have these photos of our special day to look though for the rest of our lives!! We could not recommend Mike more highly if I tried!



Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, the last thing you want is someone making you uncomfortable all day whilst they hide in the bushes or in the corner of the room taking photos. 
I don't like to think of myself as a professional photographer, I am just an extension of your bridal party that happened to bring the equipment. 

If you're looking for someone that's going to put you in weird ass poses, force you to contort your arms in strange ways and stand still for the entire session then I am not the man for you.
If you want to throw someone in the air, spray some champagne, walk around and actually have FUN during your photo session then look no further.


I can’t put into words what an amazing experience I had with Michael. He went above and beyond. Such a great photographer and person. When you hire Michael you will get more than just a photographer, he is chatty, friendly puts you completely at ease, even helped take up a pair of trousers with the help of fashion tape, lovely man!



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