My name is Mike. I am ex forces and served in The Rifles from 2012 till 2016. During my down time, I was trying different types and styles of photography until I managed to become a second shooter for a wedding. It was safe to say after that I was HOOKED!

I'm a big foodie and have a really bad habit for snacking on all things bad, to the point where my partner hides her sweets and chocolate from me in my own home! If you see me crying at a wedding, 9/10 times its because I have forgotten to bring a bag of Haribo with me!

With the state are world is getting into, all my products are now officially 100% zero plastic and eco friendly. Not just that, but for every booking made there will be a donation made to plant new trees!

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I throw the forced unnatural posing you’d typically expect with wedding photography well and truly out the window, and instead work to spark real emotion. At no point do things feel like a photoshoot, and you’ll never need to pull a fake smile. We make things as enjoyable as wedding photography can be.

By taking this fun & relaxed approach, it gives you both the opportunity to properly enjoy your day and be “you” in front of the camera. Real couples, showing real emotion, having an absolute blast of a wedding – it’s surely the best way to document your day.