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Recommended Products for Your Wedding.

I have been ask a lot recently about products such as smoke grenades, sparklers and more that I would recommend for peoples weddings. So I have created a small list of products that myself and clients have used and recommend to help give your images that extra bit of swag!


Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades are an epic addition to any wedding! Giving a very exciting photo opportunity to your big day while having loads of fun! Below I have put together a small list of budget friendly smokes that I myself have used during past weddings.

Northamptonshire Wedding Photographer

- EXCLUSIVE ONLINE Ring Pull pack of 4 - multicoloured -

- EXCLUSIVE ONLINE Ring Pull pack of 4 - single colour -

- EXCLUSIVE ONLINE Pack of 3 Party Ring Pull Handheld Daytime Smoke -



Giant sparklers make a great addition to your wedding and provide you with the perfect evening photos/send off!

Northamptonshire Wedding Photographer

- EXCLUSIVE ONLINE Giant Legacy Sparklers (50 Sparklers) -

- 45cm (18") Monster Golden Sparklers (100 Sparklers) -

- Giant party sparklers (Pack of 30) -


Biodegradable Confetti

When it comes to confetti, GO NUTS! The more you get, the more insane the images turn out. The best part is with biodegradable confetti, you can use it anywhere!

- Flora & Bloom Biodegradable Confetti With Pre Built Cones -

- Natural 100% Biodegradable Confetti Wedding. Premium Dried Flowers -

- Natural dried Delphinium flower petal wedding confetti -

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