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5 Tips on making the most out of attending wedding fairs.

Top tips from Michael Calders Photography to get you prepared for your wedding adventures!

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With 1000s of newly engaged couples out there, planning your wedding can be very exciting but also a little scary. You may have questions such as "Where do I start?" or "Which is the right supplier for me?". Wedding fairs are a brilliant way to start and with this blog, I will give you my top 5 tips to help you gain the most with your visits!

So, let's get started!

#1 - Know what you are looking for

For some couples doing your research before attending a wedding fair can be an advantage.  This way, you'll have a good idea of the types of things you want to see and the questions you want to ask. Wedding fairs offer a great opportunity to meet with many unique wedding services and to pick up ideas for your special day.

#2 - Talk to suppliers one-on-one

It may just be a small chat you get due to how busy some fairs can be, but it's an excellent opportunity to get a sense of the suppliers personality and how they might be able to contribute to your big day by bouncing ideas of each other.

"Wedding fairs at not only great for finding suppliers and getting great inspiration, but you will also find the best discounts to help you save!"

#3 - Have your date ready

We understand that getting engaged is extremely exciting and you can not wait to get out and find everything you would like to create your big day unique to yourselves. When attending fairs with no set date, although it is great to get loads of inspiration, suppliers will be very limited in how they can help you when it comes to availability.

#4 - Bring your fiancé or a friend

Someone to help make decisions and share opinions on your wedding details. When it comes to wedding planning, it can be helpful to have someone by your side and preferably your fiance.  In some cases choosing a friend or family member to accompany you who you can trust to give you honest opinions and help make decisions can be a welcome advantage.

#5 - Most importantly, enjoy yourself!

It's important to remember that it's also a fun event! So be sure to take some time to explore the show and check out all of the different exhibits, enjoy a coffee, maybe a cocktail or two, sample some wedding cake and enjoy the friendly ambience.

Where can I find wedding fairs?

Weddings fairs are everywhere now, including online! If you would like to get to meet suppliers face to face and view their work in person, you will have local company's around such as Silverlinings Wedding Guide and Wedding Fairs which will host big shows to help you get exactly what you are after!

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